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C-Prot provides protection for individual, business, or mobile devices with its award-winning security technology.

C-Prot Internet Security

Benefit from a wide range of features without additional costs.

Obtain the protection you need to stay safe in the digital world with just one click.

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Low Resource Consumption

Efficiently use system resources and provides protection without slowing down your computer.

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Heuristic Protection

Provide protection against new and unidentified malicious software.

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Real-Time Protection

Detect threats in real-time and prevent any harm to your device before it occurs.

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E-mail Protection

Keep unwanted or malicious e-mails away from your inbox and automatically scans attachments.

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Internet Protection

Block access to malicious websites and automatically scans files downloaded from the internet.

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External Media Management

Prevent the use of unrecognized removable devices such as USB drives, SD cards, etc.

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C-Prot Business Security Solutions

C-Prot is designed for large-scale networks where high performance is crucial. With its distributed architecture, it effectively manages network traffic. Additionally, it ensures efficient utilization of system resources at endpoints, enabling them to operate with high performance.

C-Prot uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to detect attacks targeting your endpoints. It identifies security vulnerabilities in the applications installed on your endpoints using features like Vulnerability and Patch Management, and automatically patches them to ensure their security.

C-Prot offers alternatives for cloud or on-premises management consoles while enabling efficient utilization of resources with high performance. It allows easy management of a large number of clients and workstations, enforcement of policies and rules, generation of user-friendly interactive dashboards and reports, and effortless sharing of findings with your team and management.


Endpoint Security

C-Prot uses the latest machine learning techniques to protect your endpoints against ransomware, hackers, complex threats and targeted attacks. It offers flexible management and deployment options, including on-premises, hybrid and cloud-based environments, allowing you to manage all your devices through a single management console. This ensures higher return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.


Threat Intelligence Portal

C-Prot Threat Intelligence Portal consolidates all information related to cyber threats into a unique and powerful web service. It utilizes a range of advanced threat detection technologies to analyze objects that you suspect may be malicious. Whether it's a file, file hash, IP address or web address, it allows you to check any suspicious threat indicator you come across.


Embedded AppDefense

As mobile usage becomes more prevalent, ensuring the security of mobile applications running on unprotected devices is more important than ever. Hackers and malicious software pose an increasing threat to the mobile app ecosystem. C-Prot Embedded AppDefense is an SDK solution that enables easy integration into mobile applications and solutions for application developers, security providers or mobile service providers.


Fraud Prevention

C-Prot Fraud Prevention is an advanced solution designed to counter the most complex fraud schemes your business may encounter, regardless of your industry. It includes both fraud prevention and fraud detection strategies to assist organizations in detecting, identifying, preventing and protecting against digital fraud. Fraud prevention services are utilized to safeguard user digital identities, prevent bot activity and mitigate fraudulent activities.


Cyber Security Kiosk

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk is a robust security solution that supports your company's or organization's digital security strategy. It controls the use of portable disk drives within the organization, detects security vulnerabilities and prevents malicious software, thus protecting your company from potential threats and enhancing data security.


Device FingerPrint

C-Prot Device FingerPrint is a unique identification software used to identify and analyze internet users and their devices online. When a user visits your website, it generates a unique fingerprint data based on the browser and device information of the user. The generated fingerprint allows for easy analysis of the actions performed by your users. With this unique fingerprint, you can examine the browsing habits of the user on your website.

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Stay Secure in the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem with C-Prot

C-Prot offers advanced security measures to provide effective protection against threats that may arise in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, particularly targeting smart televisions and other IoT Devices.

  • Award-Winning Protection Technology
  • Low Resource Consumption
  • Customization
  • Powerful USB Protection
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Application Network Activity
  • Your Smart TV is Secure

    C-Prot Smart TV Security protects your Smart Televisions against all types of cyber threats, such as trojans, spyware and viruses.

    Customer Feedback

    I installed it on my phone and computer with a license. It is more efficient and faster than the programs I have been using for years. It is very pleasing that it is a domestic product and improves performance. If it continues like this, I won't use any other program. Thanks to those who put effort into it...


    Mobile Antivirus Security

    It was a very necessary antivirus application for my phone... It really was a very successful job... I congratulate it. It is also a security application that has received many awards... I think such reliable security measures are a must nowadays... If anyone asks, as much as I can, the first thing is security. I will recommend you as the application name...


    Mobile Antivirus Security

    Working with a cybersecurity company was very important to me, and C-Prot provided professional and reliable service. They always solved issues quickly and effectively and kept us regularly informed about potential threats. I highly recommend them.


    Smart TV Security

    Congratulations! I also want to thank the team who took care of the issue I mentioned in the message about the computer application. They followed up by calling me and spent approximately 30 minutes on the phone and remotely connecting to the Device to address the problem. Thank you very much to the team for their support.


    Internet Security

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