Privacy Policy

We changed the name of CHOMAR to C-Prot and will update all applications to C-Prot over time. Anything written as C-Prot during this time also applies to CHOMAR.
Categories of Personal Data We Collect:

The data depends on the products and services you use and could include the following:

Device Data:

- Device Identifiers (UDID, Machine ID)

- Device name

- Installed components

- Hardware information (model, type, memory)

- MAC Address

- Screen resolution

- Operating System Information (version, platform, language)

Product Data:

- Product Version

- Product Language

- Download source

- Installation date

- Failure diagnostics, crash dumps

Location Data:

- IP Address

- Geolocation data

Security Data:

- URLs / Websites visited

- Executable files identified as malware

- Application names and versions

- VPN traffic consumption

- IP Address of blocked attackers

License / Subscription Data:

It is processed in order to recognize legitimate users. This data is needed to maintain communication between the product and C-Prot services – sending and receiving product databases, updates, etc.

Data We Collect/Access from Third Parties:

This product does not collect/access personal data from third parties as part of its services.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data

Device Data: This data is processed for the purposes of delivering the product in accordance with your device(s) and determining appropriate language settings for communicating with you.

Product Data: This data is processed for the purpose of delivering services and to understand product usage to further develop and improve the product performance.

Location Data: When you use our Services, if you consent via the device interface to sharing the precise geolocation data of your device, we will receive your precise location information. We also infer your more general location information (for example, your IP address or time zone may indicate your more general geographic region).

Security Data: This data is processed for the purposes of delivering the product by alerting you to potentially malicious applications, malware, and links (including links in emails or data downloaded to SD cards) as well as improving the app security feature.

How We Protect Your Privacy

All data and all information provided by you is confidential by default. C-Prot will therefore always apply technical and organizational data security measures for the protection of personal data that are adequate and appropriate, taking into account the concrete risks resulting from the processing of personal data as well as up-to-date security standards and procedures. C-Prot also maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the information against loss, misuse, damage or modification and unauthorized access or disclosure. Some of the other central features of our information security program are:

- The Information Security Department, which designs, implements and provides oversight to our information security program.

- Performance evaluation of applied personal data security measures before commissioning processing systems.

- Implementing controls to identify, authenticate and authorize access to various services or websites.

- Discovering the facts surrounding unauthorized access to personal data and adopting corresponding measures.

- Recovery of personal data that was modified or destructed.

- Encryption between our clients and servers.

- Monitoring of our systems infrastructure to detect weaknesses and potential intrusions.

- Monitoring measures taken to ensure the security of personal data.

- Providing C-Prot personnel with relevant training and continually updating our security practices in light of new risks and developments in technology.

More Details

If have any questions about this policy or any of the above, please email us at [email protected] or see instructions in the product or service you are using.