Embedded AppDefense

C-Prot Embedded AppDefense is an SDK solution that enables easy integration into mobile applications and solutions developed by app developers, security providers or mobile service providers to ensure security.

Manuel Threat Hunting
SSL Pinning
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Detection of malicious software present on your device is performed.

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Detection of keylogger software that records every keystroke you make and constantly monitors you is performed.

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Central Management Console

Manage all your endpoints from anywhere using C-Prot Remote Administrator, which can be used either in a cloud-based or on-premises environment..

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It detects if the application is running in debug mode.

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Device Fingerprinting

It generates a unique identifier for your devices.

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Root/jailbreak Detection

It detects whether the application is running on a rooted/jailbroken device or not.

Suspicious Call Detection

Suspicious Call Detection is a feature that can alert the user when a suspicious call is received while using an application. With this feature, if you receive a suspicious call while using the application, you can quickly receive a warning and become aware of a potential security threat. Suspicious calls can come from unknown or suspicious numbers, spam calls or attempted scams. Suspicious Call Detection is an effective security measure to keep users safe and provides them with the opportunity to react quickly.

Advanced Protection for Your Applications

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It detects the activation of the screen reader while using the application.

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Emulator Detection

It detects whether the application is running on a real device or not.

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ScreenShot Control

It detects when a screenshot is taken while using the application.

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It performs a check to ensure that the running SDK code is not modified during runtime and that no malicious code is injected into it.

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It performs a check to determine whether the certificate used for communication with the server is secure or not.

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Device List

You can view the list of your devices, including the operating system they use, the IP address they use for communication, and their brand and model.

Advanced Device Fingerprinting Technology

C-Prot Embedded AppDefense creates an advanced device fingerprint using a set of features that reflect the user interaction of the mobile device. Through a combination of language preference, screen resolution, time zone, installed plugins and more, it creates a fingerprint unique to your device. This technology uniquely identifies each user's device, improving security and delivering personalized experiences.

Sectors Used

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It enables banks, financial institutions and similar com- panies to securely protect their customers' financial information.

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It ensures that the personal and financial information of its customers is processed securely.

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Retail networks, especially those with in-app shopping capabilities, ensure that their customers' payment information is processed securely.

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It can be used to protect sensitive data contained in mo- bile applications developed by governments, ministries of defence and public institutions.

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Companies offering vehicle services, especially rental and sharing services, Taxi and similar services ensure the protection of their customers' personal information.

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Ensures the security of mobile applications used in the manufacturing sector in the digital world.

Overlay Device Detection

A Screen Overlay Attack is a mobile app cyberthreat in which a malicious app shows an overlay over a legitimate e-commerce or bank app on a device. This deceptive technique tricks users into unknowingly granting sensitive permissions or interacting with rogue interfaces to lead to potential data theft, unauthorized access, or fraudulent activity. By presenting an overlay that mimics the appearance of a trusted app or system prompt, attackers can trick users into providing sensitive information such as login credentials or financial details.

With its Overlay detection feature, C-Prot Embedded AppDefense detects whether users have an overlay on their screen while using an application. Overlay attacks are used to capture users' personal and financial data. C-Prot Embedded AppDefense detects such attacks and provides a secure user experience.

Detect Rooted Android Devices

Research around the world shows that 36 out of every thousand Android devices are rooted. Rooted Android devices have become a tool that cyber attackers can use to change the behavior of applications or steal sensitive data. C-Prot Embedded AppDefense offers automatic rooted device detection to ensure your app only works in secure Android environments.

What are the Risks that Rooted Device Users May Encounter?

Loss of Control on Devices: On rooted devices, hackers can modify your app, run scripts that steal data, and even compromise non-shared spaces like your app sandbox.

Malware Attacks: Rooted devices make it easy for hackers to carry out malware attacks. It also simplifies updating and automating processes. These devices often allow sensitive personal data to be stolen from the device.

Detect Jailbroken iOS Devices

Apps running on a jailbroken iOS device have more privileges than Apple intended. To protect against malware and other risks posed by jailbroken devices, it's essential to secure your apps with solutions that detect and automatically respond to vulnerable conditions. After the integration of C-Prot EAD SDK product into your application, you can easily detect jailbroken devices. You can prevent your app from running on jailbroken device.

What are the Risks that Jailbroken Device Users May Encounter?

Unprotected Devices: Jailbroken devices allow attackers to manipulate users (e.g. in-app purchases) and bypass security checks.

Data Privacy Violations: Leaving your app vulnerable to jailbroken devices can allow cybercriminals to easily steal your users' personal data, resulting in costly fines, reduced stocks and loss of customer trust.

Key Benefit

Multi-Platform Compatible: C-Prot EAD enhances existing mobile applications and enables businesses to secure mobile transactions on devices running Android or iOS operating systems.

Protect Your Devices: C-Prot EAD is designed to protect against malware (including viruses, worms, spyware, trojans and more) that can infect devices. In addition, with the Application Control feature, it checks whether the applications installed on users' devices are safe and prevents malware from infecting the device.

Advanced Machine Learning: It protects mobile devices against known and emerging threats, blocks access to malicious and phishing websites, and enables secure financial transactions online.

C-Prot Self Defense: The C-Prot EAD SDK Self-Defense feature provides protection by preventing third-party attacks against your application's security layer. Self-defense mechanisms allow you to verify the application's digital signature and detect debugging and injection attempts.