C-Prot Mobile Antivirus Security

It is a powerful and award-winning antivirus security application with high performance low resource consumption priority, specially designed for the security of Android Mobile devices.

Real Time Protection
Low Resource Consumption
Malware Protection

Compatible with:

Ultimate Protection for Your Mobile Devices

Powerful Protection Against Mobile Threats

C-Prot Mobile Antivirus Security provides Powerful Protection Against Mobile Threats like virus, spyware, trojan, worm, adware. It protects your device from the effects of any virus or malware and helps you to use it in a safe environment.

Real Time Protection

While using your mobile device, it automatically scans newly installed applications. It ensures real-time security for your device against known or potential threats.

Minimum Permit Request

While other mobile antivirus applications often request unnecessary permissions, C-Prot Mobile Antivirus Security protects user privacy by requiring minimal permissions. It safeguards you from threats without granting unnecessary permissions such as access to photos, videos, audio recordings or location.

Automatic Updates

The application is constantly updated to provide up-to-date protection against the latest threats. With the Automatic Update feature, virus databases are updated on a daily basis, ensuring that you have the most current protection available.

Low Resource Consumption

C-Prot Mobile Antivirus Security is designed to work without affecting your device's resources. With its low resource consumption feature, it provides protection without negatively impacting the performance of your device.

Easy Installation and Use

You can use C-Prot Mobile Antivirus Security quickly and simply with its user-friendly interface and easy installation process.