C-Prot Web Protection

With C-Prot Web Protection, stay safe from online scams, malicious websites, and online tracking by advertising and analytics trackers. Utilizing cloud-based operations, it provides protection against phishing attacks and performs malware analysis on the web pages you visit, keeping you secure.

Browser Security
Link Analysis
Ad Blocking

*Download for Chrome

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Increase Your Digital Security!

Multiple Browser Support

For now, it can only be used in Chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Edge, etc.).

Low Resource Consumption

With Ad Blocking feature, it ensures efficient use of your device and network traffic by reducing CPU, memory and network usage.

Advanced Ad Blocking

Blocks all trackers, pop-ups and ads.

Link Analysis

Enables internet addresses to be marked as safe or not secure.

High Performance

It speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth.


Protects you against phishing attacks on malicious websites.