C-Prot QR Scanner

C-Prot QR Scanner protects against malicious URLs embedded in QR codes or barcodes. By offering high-quality URL security checks on all QR codes and barcodes, C-Prot QR Scanner ensures that you are directed to a secure website free from fraud, malware and dangerous content.

Secure QR Code Reading
Minimum Permission
Image-Based Scanning

Compatible with:

The Ideal Solution for Secure QR Code Reading

Secure QR Code Reading

With the C-Prot QR Scanner, you can securely scan QR codes to access websites, applications, videos, documents and various other content.

Scan History

C-Prot QR Scanner stores the history of your previous scans, enabling you to rediscover and access QR codes you have scanned before.

Minimum Permission

For scanning, C-Prot QR Scanner requests camera permission and also requires permission to access files and photos to scan the designated files and images.


With the flashlight feature, it performs reliable scans in dark environments.

No Ads

No ads are displayed while you use the app.

Automatically Open Secure Pages

It blocks access to malicious websites and only allows access to trusted web addresses.

Customized QR Scanner

Perform secure scanning of Application Markets (App Store), Email Address, Phone Number, SMS, URL, Wi-Fi and Contact Cards (vCard) based on the content of the QR code.

Favorite QR

You can add the QR codes you have scanned to favorites for quick access later.