C-Prot AppLocker

C-Prot AppLocker secures apps, photos and videos with password lock. C-Prot AppLocker encrypts your gallery to hide your sensitive photos and videos and prevents your important data from being accidentally deleted.

App Lock
Hide Photo & Video
Privacy Protection

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Protect Your Private Data

App Lock Feature

C-Prot AppLocker locks the apps on your device with password lock. Thus, it prevents unauthorized access to your apps and protects your private data.

Photo & Video Hiding

C-Prot AppLocker allows you to hide your sensitive photos and videos. It encrypts and hides private photos and videos in your gallery and makes it accessible only when you enter your password. It also lets you keep your private photos and videos safe with its photo vault creation feature. Photo vault offers an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access by storing your confidential photos and videos in an encrypted area.

Social Networking Applications

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat etc. You can lock apps so no one can peek at your private conversations.

Privacy Protection

C-Prot AppLocker cares about users' privacy and provides an effective firewall to keep their data safe. With features such as app lock, photo and video hiding, it keeps users' private data private and protects them from unauthorized access.

User Friendly Interface

C-Prot AppLocker has a user-friendly interface and offers easy use. You can easily perform operations such as setting passwords, locking apps, hiding photos & videos and manage your security.

Locking Functions

You can keep your apps, photos and sensitive data safe by using any of the Pattern Lock, Fingerprint Lock and PIN Lock functions.