C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk is designed as a digital security officer that scans devices for malware, security vulnerabilities and sensitive data.

Secure Workflow
Get Rid of High-Risk Files
Protection Against Malware

Strengthen your security strategy, meet C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk!

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk is a powerful security solution that supports your company's or organization's digital security strategy. It controls the use of removable media devices and detects security vulnerabilities. By blocking malicious software, it protects your organization against potential threats.

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Protection Against Malware

It provides multi-layered protection to prevent and neutralize viruses and malware.

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Easy Installation and User-Friendly

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk offers a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and operation. With a simple scanning process, it ensures the security of removable media devices.

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Automatic Threat Removal and Quarantine

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk automatically cleans or quarantines detected threats and malicious files during the scanning process.

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Central Management Console

Manage all your endpoints from anywhere with C-Prot Remote Administrator, available in both cloud-based and on-premises options.

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Detailed Reporting

You can easily view the scan reports of removable media devices conducted through C-Port Cyber Security Kiosk either directly on the kiosk or through C-Prot Remote Administrator.

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Supported Media Devices

It supports portable media types such as USB, Type-C, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Card Reader and SD Card.

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk

Reduce Risks in Your Organization

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk helps minimize security risks associated with removable media, ensuring the reputation, data integrity and business continuity of your organization.

Complete Control with Security Policies

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk allows you to effectively manage your security policies. Through C-Prot Remote Administrator, you can define customizable policies, set user access controls and monitor the behavior of removable media devices. This enables you to ensure compliance with your organization's security standards and maintain a secure environment.

Trusted Media Device

Within the organization, only pre-approved and verified secure removable media devices can be used. This prevents unknown or potentially threat-containing removable media devices from accessing the corporate network.

Preferred Solution

C-Prot Cyber Security Kiosk is preferred as a reliable solution for ensuring removable media security in various sectors such as finance, healthcare, education and public services.

Seamless Control in Security

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Easy-to-Use Web Management Panel

C-Prot Remote Administrator offers you a practical management experience with its easy-to-use management feature.

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Customization options are provided to tailor the user interface and language selection according to user needs.

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Technical Support

You can send your support requests to the support email address [email protected]. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues or inquiries you may have.