C-Prot Fraud Prevention

C-Prot Fraud Prevention is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations detect and prevent fraudulent activities such as financial fraud, phishing and through mobile and web channels. It offers various integration methods, including cloud-based or on-premises, to cater to different needs. With C-Prot Fraud Prevention, businesses can enhance their security measures and safeguard their assets from fraudulent attempts.

VPN/Proxy Detection
Bot Detection
Country, City and Time Zone Change Detection

Instant Event Analysis and Risk Prevention

With powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies, C-Prot Fraud Prevention enables real-time detection of fraudulent activities, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of potential damages. Its advanced capabilities ensure quick response to fraudulent events, minimizing risks and protecting businesses from financial losses.

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Remote Connection Detection

It has the capability to detect whether a device is using remote desktop applications or if it is being accessed by the user themselves.

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Fast Travel Detection

It detects whether a location change has been made within the time specified in the administration panel.

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Tor Browser Detection

It is capable of detecting if a user is using Tor Browser.

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SMS Phishing Detection

Includes SMiShing detection capabilities to identify and prevent SMS-based phishing attacks.

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Sim Card Change Detection

It detects whether the user's device has a sim card or whether the sim card has been changed.

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Multiple Account Detection on Device

While detecting a registered phone logging into the user's device, it also detects people using the guest mode.

Root/Jailbreak Detection

C-Prot Fraud Prevention detects the operating system modifications made on the user's device, providing an additional layer of defense against fraudsters. Rooted/jailbroken devices can lead to vulnerabilities and become vulnerable to phishing attacks. This feature increases the security of users and financial institutions while reducing the risk of fraud.

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Industry Specific Fraud Protection

Fraud Calls

C-Prot Fraud Prevention detects and blocks fake or fraudulent calls.


C-Prot Fraud Prevention detects and protects users from phishing attacks that redirect users to fake websites.

User Management

C-Prot Fraud Prevention provides different user roles and permissions. This allows businesses to manage their users' authorization levels and controls access in the system.

Threat Indicators

C-Prot Fraud Prevention provides real-time cyber threat intelligence. This way, businesses can react quickly to prevent fraud attempts. Threat indicators are constantly updated to detect malicious activity.

Behavior Analysis

C-Prot Fraud Prevention analyzes user behavior and uses behavioral analysis to identify abnormal or potentially fraudulent activities. This helps identify situations where accounts or transactions pose a security risk.

Anti-Fraud and Security Purpose

C-Prot Fraud Prevention (CFP) offers advanced analytical capabilities to detect financial fraudulent activities. CFP can detect and prevent fraud attempts by using fingerprint data obtained from users' devices. For example, e-mails from an unknown device or fake websites used in phishing attempts can be detected by CFP and users can be warned. Thus, by using CFP to increase the security of your users, you can add an additional layer of security against threats such as spam and phishing scams.

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VPN/Proxy Detection

If the user is connected with VPN, it is detected.

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Country, City and Time Zone Change Detection

If users appear in a different location than the country, city and time zone specified in their previous entries, they will detect it.

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User Agent Spoofing Detection

The information of the browser used by the user may change. Whether the information of the browser is genuine information or fake information is detected.

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Bot Detection

It detects whether a bot like Selenium or a real human is using the browser.

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Device ID Spoofing Detection

Application information may change on rooted devices. It is determined whether this information has changed or is original.

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Device Fingerprinting

It generates a unique identifier for your devices.

Mouse Gestures and Keyboard Strokes

C-Prot Fraud Prevention has the ability to detect users' mouse movements and keyboard strokes. By analyzing the mouse movements and keyboard strokes that users make on their devices, it can detect potentially malicious activity of bots or automated processes that cannot emulate the natural mouse movements and keyboard strokes of a real human. Thanks to this feature, it can warn users against bot attacks, phishing attacks or other malicious activities and keep them safe.

Sectors Used

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Enhances financial security during online banking, detectsphishing attempts and prevents malware.

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Secures health records, detects phishing attempts and protects against prescription fraud.

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Blocks fraudulent websites, secures customer payments, and protects against phishing attempts.

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Protects travel bookings, secures customer card informa- tionand prevents phishing attempts.

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Prevents fraud, detects fraudulent claims and protects customer data.

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Detects phishing attempts, prevents account fraud, and secures subscriber information.

Features for the Mobile Channel

Mobile App Protection: C-Prot Fraud Prevention detects and blocks fraudulent attempts in mobile applications, providing robust defense against malicious apps and fake app stores.

Device Recognition and Identity Verification: It offers identity verification using unique features of mobile devices, thereby detecting fraudulent attempts origina- ting from counterfeit devices.

Push Notification and SMS Security: Security is ensured for push notifications and SMS messages received on mobile devices to prevent fraudulent attempts.

Mobile Wallet Security: It safeguards mobile payment and wallet applications, ensuring the security of financial transactions.

Features for the Web Channel

Advanced Browser Protection: C-Prot Fraud Prevention detects malicious software and fraudulent activities operating within web browsers, enabling users to browse the internet securely.

Phishing Prevention: Phishing Prevention: It identifies and blocks fake websites and phishing attempts, protecting users from such cyber threats.

SSL Certificate Monitoring: It tracks SSL certificates crucial for secure communicati- on and detects fraudulent attempts.

E-commerce Security: It safeguards e-commerce websites, especially during online shopping, and secures customer payments.

Online Banking Security: It secures internet banking transactions and protects users' financial information.

Key Benefit

Cyber Fraud Protection: C-Prot Fraud Prevention safeguards users against cyber fraud attempts, offering a robust defense against various types of cyber threats, including phishing, malware, fake websites, and many others.

Financial Security: It ensures the protection of users' financial information and pay- ments by ensuring the security of mobile wallets and online banking transactions.

Advanced Identity Verification: By providing identity verification for both mobile and web channels, it detects fraudulent attempts and enhances user credibility.

Real-time Monitoring: C-Prot Fraud Prevention employs real-time monitoring to instantly detect fraud attempts and provide users with swift alerts.

Customizable Policy Controls: It offers customizable policy controls that can align with the specific needs of each business, allowing them to tailor fraud protection according to their requirements.

Mobile and Web Compatibility: With optimized features for both mobile and web channels, it ensures users' safety on both platforms.

Education and Support: C-Prot provides customers with cybersecurity education and continuous support, fostering awareness and enhancing security for businesses and individuals.

Ease of Integration: Depending on the needs, various integration methods such as cloud or on-prem are also offered.