Turn Back

Front-end Developer


  • • Bachelor's degree preferably from Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or related program,
  • • Having a solid foundation in software architecture and design principles,
  • • Have a solid foundation in HTML5 and CSS3,
  • • Experienced in JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2 and SCSS,
  • • Experienced in interacting with REST web services,
  • • Has experience developing applications using Git or SVN version control systems.


  • • Experience in software development using Material Design, Modern UI (Metro) or another design language,
  • • Experience in web application development with The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS),
  • • Software development experience with WebSocket and/or SignalR,
  • • Have experience in software development with Bootstrap etc. framework,
  • • Has software development experience with Jira etc. issue tracking applications,
  • • To have developed software with Agile software development methodologies.

You can send your detailed CV to [email protected], specifying the position you are applying for.