Turn Back

Malware Analyst


  • • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or related program,
  • • Have a solid foundation in the depths of the Windows or Android platform,
  • • Interpret code blocks written in x86/x86-64 or ARM machine language,
  • • Knowledge of PE and ELF file formats
  • • Experienced in C/C++
  • • Has experience developing applications using Git or SVN version control systems.


  • • Knowledge of cryptography
  • • Deep knowledge of how polymorphic malware works,
  • • Malware analysis experience
  • • IDA Pro, OllyDbg etc. Experience with software,
  • • To have experience in Genetic Algorithm, Random Hill Climbing etc. optimization algorithms.

You can send your detailed CV to [email protected], specifying the position you are applying for.